Garage Door Opener Kirkland


Almost every home or business owner in Kirkland, WA has a garage door opener for easy opening of their heavy overhead door. You may be one of the few, however, who is still struggling to raise and the lower your garage door manually.

Why do that when a garage door opener is available from Global Garage Gate at prices that can fit any budget?

Our company has been doing business in Kirkland for many years, and we are the garage door opener experts to call for:

  • Easy-on-the-budget price quotes
  • The most popular garage door opener models
  • Free estimates

Don't keep raising and lowering that door when there is an easy solution available right near you. Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your life easier!

Garage Door Opener Installation Kirkland


Thinking about getting a garage door opener for your Kirkland home? Maybe your business can use one? Worried about the installation cost of an opener? Don't be.

Our company provides the best in garage door openers and experts to install them — at a price anyone can afford. We offer models like the ever-popular Chamberlain garage door opener as well as many other brands.

Need more info about:

  • Installation costs?
  • Installation instructions?
  • Our company and service?

We are here to answer any question you may have. Our professional garage door opener installers will also come in, sit down and discuss all the garage door options we have available, along with price quotes and warranty information.

Kirkland Garage Door Opener Repair


A garage door opener issue can be something as simple as a battery replacement, but could be as serious as a major repair, depending on the age of the opener and the amount of use it has seen. You won't know until you call a professional to diagnose and correct the problem.

This is where we can come to your rescue! Whether you want to know how to fix your garage door opener remote or the wall switch isn’t functioning properly, we’ll come to you to figure out the problem.

We can advise you by:

  • Troubleshooting the brand of garage door you have installed
  • Checking your remote and door for issues
  • Diagnosing connection problems

Kirkland garage door opener repair and solutions are what we do.

Call Global Garage Gate at 206-953-3470 for all your garage door repair needs. We are located near Kirkland and we are available 24/7.